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About the project

ZippyCrowd is a personal recommendation platform to discover, share and promote trusted people in small business.

  • A personal recommendations platform to discover, share and support trusted people in small business space.
  • Purpose driven tech – supporting local business communities and bringing more trust into the online world of work.
  • Tech stack: AWS/ Serverless / Lambda | Node.js / GraphQL via AppSync / SPA | Angular 7
My role

I was brought in as UX expert to work in a cross functional environment supporting the launch of the MVP.

  • Web development of blog and marketing website
  • UX and UI design for main platform
  • User testing and data collation for main platform
  • Reporting testing data to the dev team and make recommendations for UX/UI optimisation

Web development

I developed the ZippyCrowd blog website using WordPress.

This involved learning to use a new page builder and theme, a lot of custom CSS, and collaboration with other content developers on the team.

User testing

I conducted user testing of the main ZippyCrowd website. This involved creating a test plan and script, collating the data from the recordings, and analysing the qualitative data.

My main goals were to determine:

  • Is it functional?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it desirable? would motivate users to sign up?
  • Online/remote
  • ZippyCrowd QA environment (PC browser)
  • Participants: 10+ participants who live in Australia
Data collection
  • Video recording via Google Meet
  • Success/failure of tasks
  • Errors and bugs
  • Qualitative feedback, suggestions for each task and overall
Test tasks
  • First impression of landing page
  • Sign up & onboarding
  • Promote your service
  • Ask for a recommendation
  • Recommend a friend to another user
  • Invite a friend to the platform


I collated the qualitative feedback into a chart, prioritised by severity, and presented the findings to the dev team.

UX/UI Design

Using the feedback I collected from our users, I presented a series of recommendations to improve the ZippyCrowd website’s user experience.

While working remotely together in Figma, I created new branding colors,  rapidly designed new elements for the interface, and overhauled all of the site’s copy. There were some unique challenges involved, as due to time and technology restraints of the MVP, the base structure of the site could not be changed.

Landing page
Desktop home feed
Mobile home feed
FAQ widget


Developing the blog website helped me improve my CSS skills, as well as expand my WordPress knowledge by using an unfamiliar page builder. I was also able to improve my information architecture skills as the content was often evolving.


I found that I thoroughly enjoyed conducting user tests with strangers and rapidly improved at it. I learned how to support the user and respond to their questions when they get stuck, without guiding them or telling them what they “should” do.


Conducting testing remotely was a challenge and required sharp interpersonal skills to make up for the lack of face-to-face interaction.