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About the company

PredictiveHire is a recruiting SAAS platform and interview automation solution.
It includes FirstInterview – a text-based conversational interview. AI reads candidates’ answers for best-fit, translating assessments into personality readings, work-based traits and communication skills. Candidates receive an email with the analysis of their personality, as well as an overview of their strengths and areas for improvement.

PredictiveHire enables efficient recruitment without bias. Regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, origin, religious background, neurodiversity or disability, everyone gets an equal chance.

My role

In my role as PredictiveHire’s lead UX and UI specialist, I have improved our products and brand in several areas.

  • UI design of all products
  • Creating the design system
  • Product design of main SAAS platform
  • User research
  • UAT testing
  • Assisting in sourcing and interviewing new team members
  • UX audit of company website

UI Design:
Our new SAAS platform

*Some information censored or redacted

In 2021, we began the enormous task of creating a brand new SAAS platform to introduce critical new features and integrate with our new products.

This platform would function similarly to an Applicant Tracking System, including functionality such as:

  • Job vacancy creation/management
  • User, organisation creation/management
  • Organisational hierarchy
  • Job application workflow design

I was the lead designer, in charge of:

  • Visual design, branding
  • Creating the design system
  • UX optimisation and flows
  • UI design
  • Figma prototyping
  • QA testing
  • User testing (2022)

Product planning

At the beginning of the project, we had a skeleton product team. Myself, the product manager, and internal stakeholders worked together to draw up some basic product requirements.

Site map
Early organisational hierarchy planning

Low fidelity mock ups

I initially created a small set of low-fidelity mock ups based on the requirements and the existing functionality of the old platform. These were iterated on several times during meetings with internal stakeholders.

Design system

I created our design system from scratch, creating both basic and highly specific components using auto-layout and variations.

I also created a unique visual look and feel for our new platform. I used my knowledge of color theory and branding to choose a palette that looked modern, technical but human, and compliment our existing branding.

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 10.27.202 pm

Interaction maps

To assist the engineering team, I numbered each screen and made basic interaction maps of each flow.

High fidelity mock ups

I designed the high fidelity mock ups in Figma over several months of discussions and iteration involving all internal stakeholders and customers.

Log in flow
Vacancies flow
Vacancies overview

Landing page, shows all vacancies visible to this user.

Vacancy details

Details about the vacancy, all candidates’ application details and results.

New customer branding

Setting up a new customer’s color scheme for their products.

Example use case: Branding color inheritance

I designed inheritance functionality to reduce the amount of copy-pasting that users will have to do.

Organisational hierarchy setup

Setting up the organisational hierarchy structure.

Tree design using Github resources

To reduce engineering efforts, we chose to use a Github resource for an editable tree. I slightly altered the design to suit our needs.

New workflow creation

Creating a workflow to automate candidate progression through their application.

Adding conditional logic

Additional logic helps users fine-tune the way candidates progress or are disqualified.

Exciting updates coming soon...