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About the project

In an increasingly online word, more people are trying out online dating. Many of my friends use the apps, but the majority of them have a less than enjoyable experience. This inspired me to try and design solutions to some of their frustrations.

User research

To gain a better understanding of the problem, I spoke to a group of 50% men and 50% women in my target audience. I chose participants that have experience using various dating apps, and who fit the main demographics.

Men's pain points

65% had trouble getting matches

100% said many matches don’t reply

65% said making a good profile is hard

Women's pain points

65% didn’t like many users they were shown

65% worried about meeting a stranger

100% said they’d received inappropriate messages or photos

The problem

How can I make online dating more comfortable for women?

How can I make online dating less frustrating for men?

Competitor analysis

I assessed the main features and usability heuristics of 4 competitors


I created 2 personas, based off the target demographics of competitors and what I learned from my research. This helped me empathise with my users and focus on their needs.

User needs and pain points

User research brought up the main needs and goals that my app needs to meet. Based off this information, I brainstormed some possible solutions.

How can I make online dating more comfortable for women?

How can I make online dating less frustrating for men?

My solution

I designed a feature that allows a user’s friends to leave “reviews” of their friend on their profile page, and upload photo suggestions.


The reviews act as a letter of recommendation to potential dates (other users), and can help describe the user’s personality than they perhaps could themselves. It can also help to verify the user as a real human being with friends, rather than a suspicious stranger. Friends may possess flattering photos of the user, or be able to recommend better photos for the user, especially if they are of the gender the user is seeking.In doing this, the app also relieves some of the user’s burden of writing an impressive bio or choosing good photos, and improves the overall quality of profiles on the app.


The identity of the user is verified using facial recognition for security reasons. Friends contributing to the profile must verify their connection to the user via Facebook, however they are not required to make an account or profile on the app. Users can choose to reject reviews or photo suggestions, and write their own bio in addition to the reviews.

Interaction Map

I created an interaction map to show all the possible interactions a user can have with the app, color coded by main functionalities.

Low-fidelity wireframes

I sketched some low-fidelity wireframes to plan the layout of some of the app’s main pages.

Final mock ups

I designed a clickable prototype in Adobe XD. I aimed to create a modern and young feel, using a mainly purple color palette.