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The event

Impact Camp was an event run by Pitch for Purpose, a small community of social impact entrepreneurs helping others who want to build businesses that make a social impact.

I was invited to give a UX “Masterclass” to introduce the concept of UX, and how it’s important in building a product.

I covered three broad topics –

What, Why, and How.

I gave a general overview of UX that was concise and simple enough for those unfamiliar to the field to understand, along with relatable everyday examples. I encouraged the audience to contribute examples of products they like using and why.

I then explained several reasons why UX is so important in product creation, both for the consumers and the business.

To increase engagement and give participants a hands-on design experience, I designed a short activity that involved ideation and affinity diagram clustering.


The feedback I received from participants and organisers was overwhelmingly positive, and I was invited to give more extensive workshops at their events in the future.

In the future I would like the opportunity to facilitate a more extended activity, to give participants a broader experience of the design process.