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About the company

DuluxGroup is the leading manufacturer of premium home improvement products in Australia and New Zealand, including brands such as Dulux paint, Selleys, Yates, B&D, and Cabot’s. They are based in Australia but employ around 4,000-5,000 people worldwide.

My role

I joined Dulux Group to assist with research and design on a variety of projects across multiple brands.

  • User research to identify areas of opportunity in the Customer Experience of Selleys website.
  • UI design of Intergrain’s online Project Planner and Free Trial systems.
  • UX audit and consultation for Organic Crop Protectants and Eco Organic Garden websites.

User research:
Selleys website

*Some information censored or redacted

I worked with one other CX designer to plan and conduct research to improve the Selleys website experience.

The goals of our research were to determine:
  • Experiences finding and choosing a product or service
  • Experience with DIY
  • Perceptions of Selleys brand
  • Opportunities for customer experience improvement

Participant selection

We worked with an agency to recruit both existing customers and non-customers, split evenly across the six key segments supplied to us. From each of these segments, we chose 2 existing Selleys DIY Club members (“engaged customers”) and 2 non-members.

We used a survey to determine which segment participants belonged to, asking general attitudinal questions taken from existing research.

Data synthesis

The interviews were conducted over video call, with our findings collated in a joint Miro document using affinity diagrams and user journey maps.

Our findings

Experiences finding and choosing a product or service

  • Customer service is a deciding factor
  • Quality > Price
  • Word of mouth is valuable
  • Value of time is either proactive or reactive
  • Omni-channel engagement

Experience with DIY

  • Amateur execution
  • Inspiration
  • Assistance, family
  • Pride
  • Shifting scale
  • Frugality
  • Women and diverse backgrounds

Perceptions of Selleys brand

  • Warmth, helpfulness
  • Unawareness of the product range
  • Heritage and trust

Opportunities for customer experience improvement

  • Better guidance formats
  • DIY Club for inspiration
  • Inspiration from others’ work
  • Better navigation
  • Website not a common destination

Defining opportunities

We produced several How Might We questions to help us define opportunities.


Based on our findings, I created a slightly revised sitemap and wireframes to improve customers’ ease of navigation between project and product pages, and encourage them to both find the information they need and promote new Selleys products.

UI redesign:
Intergrain Project Planner

The goal of this project was to redesign the Intergrain Project Planner and Free Trial pages to improve the user experience, and bring it up to date with new products and services.

This included:
  • 3 dynamic and interactive web pages
  • Dynamic, printable PDF to display users’ Project selections and recommendations
  • Email template

The high-fidelity mock ups were created in Figma, based on requirements from the client and partially from the existing web pages. I also created a small design system using elements and styles from the current design, and components that I created myself.

Personal Project Planner
Free Trial page

UX audit:
Organic Crop Protectants and Eco Organic Garden

I performed an audit of two websites and presented this alongside recommendations and opportunities for improvement.

I created 2 PDF documents with screenshots of each main page of the sites, using a traffic light system to identify points of interest.

The system I used includes:
  • Critical UX/UI issues
  • Moderate UX/UI issues
  • Minor issues and potential missed opportunities

I also included some screenshots of competitors’ websites and website design templates as examples of good usability.