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I’ve always been attracted to vibrant aesthetics and empathetic design that invokes joy in users.

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UX/UI Design
Teaching, mentoring

UX / UI Design

UX and UI captivate my interest because they are a mixture of logic and creative design, with the end goal to create a product that is effective, efficient, and satisfying to use.

Predictive Hire

I am in charge of all the UX and UI design work for AI-powered recruiting SAAS PredictiveHire.

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I joined Dulux Group to assist with research and design on a variety of projects across multiple brands.

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I worked with startup ZippyCrowd, developing the blog website and conducting user testing.

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Personal Projects

Passion projects that I completed in the interest of improving my design skills.

I was invited to give a UX “Masterclass” to introduce the concept of UX, and how it’s important in building a product.

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As part of a design challenge, I created a solution for EV users in a battery emergency.

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I participated in Google and Petrescue’s 2020 hackathon to find solutions for animals stuck in the rescue and adoption system.

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I have been helping clients bring their imaginations into 2D reality for over 2 years, through different styles of illustration.

What it's like to work with me


Asad Naqvi

Product Manager at PredictiveHire

“Sophie is among the rare breed of UI designers that bring with her a healthy concoction of creativity and analytics.

Her ability to ask the right questions regarding user behaviour and workflows helps elevate the discussion around software development and design to a higher level.

At the same time, she also has the ability to keep a calm head through turbulent times looking for ways to bring about a method to the madness.”

Boris Panov

Head of Design at Zouk / Resorts World Genting

“Sophie was one of the best members to join our team, helping bring the biggest nightlife hub in the country to life. She was able to tackle many projects at once and had an incredible creative eye, always bringing great new ideas to the table. No task was too large and I always looked forward to discussing creative concepts with her.

Many companies operate in high-pressure environments and it’s important to have someone like Sophie brighten up the mood. That’s why she deserves my highest recommendation and I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.”

Allie Hilmer

Founder & CEO at ZippyCrowd

“I reached out to Sophie to help rebuild our blog site, and conduct a series of user tests in preparation for our launch.

Sophie has helped us avoid costly mistakes and rework the whole site and optimising everything for the best user experience and growth.

She did an outstanding job taking the lead and giving clear feedback and direction to our cross functional remote teams.

She is great at understanding the goals of the business, and creating work that reinforces both branding and messaging. Anyone would be lucky to have Sophie on their team because she is one of a kind.”

Creating a unique and delightful user experience

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